iConNect is an organization that provides high quality hosting with the hotel. It also offers software that allows others to market hotels such as Booking Engine and Email Marketing System that our software is developed continuously. To meet the emerging needs of customers.
- Can support a higher load.
- Have a dedicated backup server
- A mail gateway that scans incoming email before sending the user.
- Have dns cluster to speed up access servers.
- The quality management system cPanel.
DNS consists of 4 node spread worldwide.
A DNS cluster is a group of nameservers that share records, which allows you to physically separate nameservers that handle the DNS requests from your web servers.
Sever to backup your system is up to 2 level
- On Site on server backup is a backup system itself, which can restore a backup every day, which is reversible.
- Off Site backup is a system backup Additional Destinations using the Backup Back End Link out of that location.
Proxmox Mailgateway serves to filter and sort your email. Management system will delete the email and block spam, you do not want to flood the beef email.
Control Panel is a control and management system to be efficient and easy on your site faster. This includes the System Management Server with management about whether the Domain, DNS, IP, FTP, Web Server, Email, Anti Virus, Anti Spam, PHP, MySQL, phpMyadmin, Subdomain, and many others.
- A Content Delivery Network to your turn in many countries because it is faster to open Caching content.
- A system to prevent those sorts of web crawler bot or a Hacker.
- Is similar to Google Analytic Statistic to see it.
Email Marketing SOFTWARE
EmailEnews is through email marketing management system available through the Internet. The preparation of the management Email your market, some effective since the creation of this email.
Booking Engine SOFTWARE
Hotel Room Booking System Improves sales channels in a hotel room without going
through brokers. And no charge% of sale, and to make customers aware of the sale price of the hotel.
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